From the Margins

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English (subtitled), 84 min, 2012, India

This series of six films explores the space of M Ward and introduces the M Ward project of Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

From The Margins (8 min) is an introductory film which explores the present conditions in M (East)Ward and outlines the M ward project of TISS.
[Film by Nikhil Titus]

Do Andolan (17 min) explores the negotiations that the women of Jai Ambe Nagar and Sathe Nagar (both in M East Ward) make in their daily lives, as they manage their homes and participate in the movement to save their homes.
[Film by Avadhoot Khanolkar, Sumit Singh, Shazia Nigar, Raju Hittalamani and Kaikho Paphro Cachei]
Cornered City (12 min) explores the implications of ‘rehabilitation’ for the people who are ‘rehabilitated’ by Narrating the personal stories Ravi and his grandmother who have faced eviction due to the state’s ‘clean-up’ and ‘beautification’ drive. Deonar dumping ground is a powerful symbol of most of the city’s people who are constantly dumped, recycled, and dumped again, while perpetually remaining out of sight.
[Film by Aakriti Kohli, Vikram Burgohain, Daisy Leivon, Manoj Bhandare]

City's Edge (19 min) explores this space through its protagonist - Mohammad Hussain aka Babu.
[Film by Sandeep Kr. Singh, Shweta Radhakrishnan, Sharib Ali, Gin Khan Siam, Abhishek Yadav]

Fish Tales (15 min) traces the location of Trombay within the M-ward and the subsequent challenges posed to the Koli community in times that put into question their traditional occupation and customs, including the very borders of the fast-changing village.
[Film by Shweta Ghosh, Joyashree Sharma, Anurag Mazumdar, Amol Ranjan]
Kahani Pani Ki (12 min) portrays the struggle of the residents of Sathe Nagar, a slum in Mumbai’s M (East) Ward, for drinking water.
[Film by Devendra Ghorpade, Prakash Sao, Ufaque Paiker, Arpita Chakraborty]

School of Media and Cultural Studies, TISS
Commissioning Editors: Anjali Monteiro and K. P. Jayasankar