Manjuben Truck Driver

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English (subtitled), 50 min, 2002, India

Manjuben is a truck driver. She goes by the name of Manjuben but she constructs her identity as male, a macho truck driver, drawn from popular notions of maleness. But she defies simple categorisation. She is 'one of the boys' but she neither smokes nor drinks as other truckers do. She has created an identity for herself against social, cultural and economic norms, yet has no stories of victimhood, commanding complete respect from her peers. Though she lives a totally emancipated life compared to other women in her society, she is no crusader, being quite patriarchal in her ways. The film spends a few days on the road with Manjuben.

Sehjo Singh
Creative Crew
Lalitha Krishna
Madhu Apsara
Awards and Screenings:

The Museum of Modern Art, New York
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), 2002
Festival International de films de femmes, Creteil
Mediawave, Hungary
London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival
Tampere and Turukku festivals, Finland
IV Fest, Kerala
Film South Asia, Nepal
Larzish, Mumbai
Mixbrasil, Sao Paulo
Feminale, Cologne
LGBT festivals in Zurich, Milan, Helsinki, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Chicago,Toronto, Vancouver and Brussels