Manipur Song

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English (subtitled), 61 min, 2009, India

Set in Manipur the film seeks to foreground a state that exists on the periphery of the Indian imagination.
As with other North Eastern states, culturally and ethnically Manipur has remained estranged from the dominant Indian culture and has repeatedly sought to assert its identity through insurgency. In 1980-81 the Indian state countered by giving unprecedented powers to its army to deal with insurgency. The 'Armed Forces Special Powers Act' (AFSPA), gives complete immunity to the army and led to killings and rapes. The situation got so bad that in August 2004 a group of women disrobed in front of the army barracks holding banners saying 'Indian Army Rape Us'.
The film looks at the consequences of this violence on ordinary people.
(This film is part of Pankaj Butalia's trilogy about conflicts on the periphery of India titled "The Crippled Frontier", and also available independently)

C. H. Natraj, Vital Films
Creative Crew
Pankaj Butalia, S. Sarat Singh (Akaabi)
Pankaj Butalia
Pankaj Butalia