Little Republics

A Series of 3 Films
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English (subtitled), 67 min, 2003, India

With the adoption of the 73rd Amendment to the Constitution of India in 1993, it became mandatory to reserve seats in Panchayats (local elected governing bodies) for oppressed sections of society. One-third of all seats were reserved for women and seats were reserved for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in proportion to their populations.
This far-reaching policy of positive discrimination has been sabotaged in many parts of the country by male family members, upper caste men and politicians, who field proxy candidates.
The films revolve around the experiences of a few elected scheduled caste and scheduled tribe women in the Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh. Through an ethnography of four villages, we look at the way in which power is controlled and misused - in the home, community and outside world.
Part 1: Caste (25 minutes)
Part 2: Family (21 minutes)
Part 3: Politics (21 minutes)

Andhra Pradesh Mahila Samatha Society
Creative Crew
Gautam Sonti
Gautam Sonti
Additional producer: Gautam Sonti
Awards and Screenings:

Selected screenings:
Vikalp - Films for Freedom
Thessaloniki Documentary Market
Artivist Film Festival, Hollywood