Listener's Tale

Arghya Basu
English (subtitled), 76 min, 2007, India

The ink. The reed. The mind. And words appear... 'Listener's Tale' is a journey into hinterlands of magical history. Sikkim/ Beyul Demadzong, an erstwhile Tibetan monarchy, is revered as a land of hidden treasures consecrated and blessed by Guru Padmasambhava, the 8th Century immortal messiah of Tibetan Buddhism. In the 12th century, a blood pact is signed between Lepcha chief Thekung Tek and Khye Bumsa, a wandering Tibetan king. The great snow mountain Kanchendzongha, guardian deity of the land, stands witness.
Chakdor Namgyal, the 18th century legendary Tibetan monk-king, dreams of the mountain dancing with his warriors in the court of Lord Mahakala. He writes the Pangtoed Chham dance to immortalize the Lepcha-Bhutia alliance. Its spectacle unfolds in the film as an age-old whisper amidst the chorus of modernity and skepticism.

Creative Crew
Manas Bhattacharya
Subhadeep Ghosh
Subhadeep Sengupta
Arghya Basu
Awards and Screenings:

Pierre & Yolande Perrault Grant, Cinema du Reel, France

Selected Screenings:
World Film Festival, Bangkok
Cinema Verite Iran Int. Doc Film Festival, Tehran
Jihlava IDFF, Czech Republic
Signs Film Festival, Kerala, 2007
International Premiere at IFFR Rotterdam, 2008
French Premiere at Cinema Du Reel, Paris
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco
Vrittant, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal