Listen O' Friends

Ailo Bailo Sailo
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English (subtitled), 13 min, 1999, India

Constructed as a folk musical, this short film journeys into rural Bengal to engage with the social phenomenon that endorses and sustains trafficking. Less educated, homely girls are married off to unknown men from distant Calcutta by parents feeling burdened by her emerging sexuality. Or adolescent girls are sent off with less known relatives to earn money for the household. Many of these girls fall into various cycles of violence, especially sex trade. The film advocates better understanding of girl children - their sexuality, productive potential and their need for constructive nurturing.

Creative Crew
Dipti Gupta
Shyamal Karmakar
Gissy Michael
Shantanu Moitra
Script: Madhusree Dutta
Awards and Screenings:

Premiered at BBC short film festival
Winner of the Indian Documentary Producers' Association (IDPA) Award