Life of the Law

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English (subtitled), 29 min, 2004, India

An attempt is being made, since the late 1990s to resolve disputes at the local community level in the villages of West Bengal. With an unprecedented increase in land disputes, dowry cases and violence against women, it has become imperative to settle matters before they escalate. Participants from villages, women’s movements, peasant unions, relatives of both sides (contesting) are physically present as participants and observers.

With the help of magistrates and women police officers, pilot projects for dispute resolution attempt to intervene promptly in serious cases like the kidnapping of a child.

Village level dispute resolution is an economically beneficial and socially feasible intervention as courts in India are choked with pending cases.

Manjira Datta, Media Workshop
Creative Crew
Manjira Datta, Ranabir Bhattacharya, Shahbaz Ashraf
Subhasheesh Roy
Bijoy Mukherjee, Shailendra Singh Yadav