A Short Biography
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English (subtitled), 27 min, 2008, India

Lenin (1870-1924) dedicated his life to revolutionary struggle with the belief that mass mobilisation and not slaughter was a prerequisite to any such struggle. Forced into exile, Lenin spent his time writing on the condition of the people and strengthening the Bolshevik party. The siege of the Winter Palace in November 1917 under the leadership of Lenin led to formation of first Socialist country of the world. Today, years after his death, his legacy still lives on.

Arunava Ganguly
Creative Crew
Arunava Ganguly
Goutam Chatterjee
Arunava Ganguly, Partha Mukhopadhyay
Awards and Screenings:

Winner of the Jury Award, Twilight ‘08 Film Festival, Delhi, 2008
Selected Screenings:
Kolkata film festival, 2008
Archive, Govt. of West Bengal, 2008
Several screening in West Bengal by different colleges under University of Calcutta and other organisations