The Latent City

When Art Excavates the City
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English (subtitled), 56 min, 2009, India

Delhi. This city is old. 2500 years old. The city as a palimpsest. Layers of accumulated history and memory. The city transforms. The water turns black. The trees turn yellow. The city turns a foggy green. And the poor turn to dust. Dialectics. The city is transforming to become more efficient and modern. A thought emerges. Selected artists from all over the world and India are invited to this city. In its transformative moment. To create art, in the everyday. Eight politically charged spaces are identified to be excavated and be transformed by the artists. 48 degrees Celsius. A reminder of our warming cities. The first public art ecology project in India is shaped. For 10 days in December 2008.

Earthcare Films
Creative Crew
Arvind Sharma, Husain Akbar
Puloma Pal
O.V. Sathiyaseelan, Vaidy
Susmit Sen, Tapan Mullick
Awards and Screenings:

Selected for Indian Panorama section of the International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa 2009.