The Last Rites

No Dialogue, 17 min, 2008, Bangladesh

'The Last Rites' is an allegorical portrayal of the agony of hard labour. Unlike a traditional narrative, the film relies on its images to tell its story.
The silent film depicts the ship breaking yards of Chittagong, Bangladesh - a final destination for ships that are too old to ply the oceans any longer. Every year, hundreds of ships are sent to yards in Bangladesh. And every year, thousands of people keep coming in search of jobs in these yards. Risking their lives to save themselves from hunger, they breathe in asbestos dust and toxic waste. What emerges in a greater context is the tragedy of the human condition.

Yasmine Kabir
Creative Crew
Yasmine Kabir
Yasmine Kabir
Polo Dominguez
Awards and Screenings:

Ram Bahadur Trophy for Best Film, Film South Asia, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2009
Jury Award, Experimental Film competition, 13th Ismailia International Film Festival, Egypt, 2009
Egyptian Film Critics Association Prize for Best Film in All Categories, 13th Ismailia International Film Festival, Egypt, 2009

21st International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 2008
52nd San Francisco International Film Festival, San Francisco, USA, 2009
7th Film South Asia, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2009
13th Ismailia International Festival for Documentary and Short Films, Ismailia, Egypt, 2009
51st International Festival of Documentary and Short Films, Bilbao, Spain, 2009
Documentarist, Istanbul, Turkey, 2009
Vibgyor Film Festival, Trissur, India, 2009
7th International Documentary Sights 2009, Mexico City, 2009
3rd Bangladesh Documentary Film Festival, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2009
Persistence Resistance Film Festival, New Delhi, India, 2010
IAWRT – 6th Asian Women’s Film Festival, New Delhi, India, 2010
Bangladesh International Short Film Festival, Dhaka, 2010
40th Tampere Film Festival, Finland, 2010
29th Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden, 2010
30th Amiens International Film Festival, Amiens, France, 2010
14th International Film Festival of Kerala, Trivandrum, India, 2010
Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Film Festival, Tukey, 2010
Cornerhouse Festival, Manchester, UK, 2010
Cinema South Asia III, University of Pennsylvania, USA, 2010
Dochouse, Birbeck College, University of London, UK, 2010