How we Celebrate Freedom
Sanjay Kak
English (subtitled), 139 min, 2007, India

It's India's Independence day, and its flag ritually goes up in the heart of Srinagar, Kashmir. But the empty streets and the sullen silence that greet India's claim on Kashmir spark off old questions about freedom - azadi - and the denial of freedom. After 18 years of an armed struggle, with 60,000 dead and nearly 7,000 missing, Kashmir's people begin to look within their ledger of loss. Using a mix of vérité footage, rare archival material, poetry and text, a provocative look at Indian democracy, and a reflection on power, resistance and "freedom's terrible thirst".

Octave Communications
Creative Crew
Ranjan Palit
Tarun Bhartiya
Madhu Apsara
Suchet Malhotra
Awards and Screenings:

Selected Screenings:
International Video Festival of Kerala
Munich Dok.Fest, Germany
International Documentary Festival, Amsterdam
Film South Asia, Kathmandu
Osian's Cinefan Film Festival, New Delhi