Jari Mari

Of cloth and other stories
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English (subtitled), 75 min, 2001, India

Modern Mumbai was built on the economic foundations laid by its textile mills. Of late the city, seems to be almost seamlessly transformed from a manufacturing centre to being a significant node for finance capital, driven by the service economy. The closure of textile mills and the conversion of their real estate into palatial high-rises or luxurious offices herald the birth of the new global-city. This film seeks to interrogate this public profile of contemporary Mumbai by listening to the experiences of an almost invisible but crucial and expansive labour force.
Jari Mari is a sprawling slum colony adjacent to Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport, whose narrow lanes house hundreds of small sweatshops where women and men work, without the right to organise. Their existence is on the edge ' their illegal dwellings could be demolished, at any time, by the airport authorities. Jobs have to be found anew everyday, from workshop to workshop.

Surabhi Sharma
Creative Crew
Setu Pande
Jabeen Merchant
Gissy Michael
Awards and Screenings:

Third Best Film, Film South Asia, Nepal
Best documentary Film, Karachi Film Festival, Pakistan
Special Mention, The Festival of Three Continents, Argentina