Jardhar Diary

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English (subtitled), 29 min, 2002, India

This film is a personal journey into an area, which is alive with consciousness and commitment to save its natural resources. In it, we meet men and women who are ready to stake their lives to protect and defend what they think is their own. Jardhar is a village tucked away in the hills of the Garhwal, Himalayas whose people have revived their forests, fighting limestone mining, staving off power lines - which will decimate their rich Pine and Sal cover. They have reclaimed traditional seeds and put them back into circulation. This film has been shot over a period of one year and captures different time periods in the life of the people of Jardhar.

Earthcare Films
Creative Crew
Devlin Bose
Nirmal Chander
Shantanu Maitra
Awards and Screenings:

Screened at:
EarthVision Environment Film Festival, Tokyo, 2002