Jahaji Music

India in the Caribbean
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English (subtitled), 112 min, 2007, India

From the mid-nineteenth century Indian labourers arrived in the Caribbean on boats, bringing a few belongings and their music - the beginnings of a remarkable cultural practice. More than 150 years later, musician Remo Fernandes travels to the Islands to explore potential collaborations and create new work. 'Jahaji Music' is a record of a difficult, if unusual and complex, musical journey.
We walk around Trenchtown with Bob Marley's teacher and Rastafari philosopher Mortimo Planno; accompany calypso and soca singer Rikki Jai to Skinner Park; chat with visual artist Chris Cozier in the Savannah; follow Dancehall Queen Stacey to Weddy Weddy Wednesday; groove to Lady Saw's lyrics; record a new song with Denise Saucy Wow Belfon and are guests at an East Indian Hindu wedding. Endeavouring through it all, to weave a story of memory, identity and creativity.

Surabhi Sharma, Tejaswini Niranjana
Creative Crew
R. V. Ramani
Diksha Sharma, Surabhi Sharma
Suresh Rajamani