English (subtitled), 63 min, 2006, UK

'Invisible' tells the story of how man-made chemicals build up in our bodies and pass silently from mother to child. It is thought that these hormone-disrupting substances are affecting the reproductive systems and neurological health of animals and humans across the planet. This film leads us on a hypnotic journey to the high Arctic. Using medieval texts and maps to question hierarchies of knowledge, the film shows contemporary Inuit life, explores their traditional connection to the earth and stages dramatic tableaux vivants in landscapes of frozen sea. 'Invisible' resists the conventions of science documentaries and questions how we live in the world today.

Roz Mortimer, Wonderdog Productions
Creative Crew
Lynda Hall
Jo Ann Kaplan, Lucy Harris, Sue Giovanni
Antonia Bates, Jeremy Williams, Paul Davies
Andrew Cronshaw, Michael Kosmides
Awards and Screenings:

Premiere at The British Museum, London, UK, 2007
Screened at:
Alternativa, 14th Independent Film Festival of Barcelona, Spain, 2007
Festival dei Popoli, International Documentary Film Festival, Florence, Italy, 2007
Dokumentarkino, Oslo, Norway, 2007
Cambridge Film Festival, UK, 2007
Ecofilms, Rodos International Film Festival, Greece, 2007
DOCSDF, International Documentary Film Festival of México City, 2007
Cinema Verite, Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Tehran, 2007
and many other film festivals in China, India, Germany, Spain, UK and USA