Immoral Daughters

English (subtitled), 63 min, 2012, India

“Immoral Daughters” is a film about five young Jat women who dared to resist. Through their stories, the film shows their struggle to take on the powerful Khaps and confront 'honour' crimes, injustice and social boycotts. Their chilling experiences are intercut with the viewpoint of the Khap leaders who believe "our asabhya betiyan (immoral daughters) in the name of equality, behave like animals and want our age-old customs to die out". The Khaps, who epitomize the patriarchal and casteist pillars of a feudal society oppose 'self-choice' marriages and deny young people the right to love. The film travels through the landscape of violence, caste, feudal and patriarchal oppressions continuing in contemporary India, in search of resistance and love.

Magic Lantern Movies, Newsclick
Creative Crew
Deval Samanta
Sameera Jain
Asheesh Pandya, Vinit D'souza