I'm the Very Beautiful!

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English (subtitled), 65 min, 2006, India

'I'm the Very Beautiful!' follows a man-woman relationship over six years. The woman is an 'international' bar singer by profession who knows her way around the male world; and the man, a filmmaker, and also the director of this film. Ranu's predicament as a poor, exploited bar singer 'inspires' the filmmaker to make a film. In a life full of men and stories, the director being just one among many, the relationship grows with the film as the two accept each other despite moral archetypes. The film ultimately turns out to be a sign of their trust and respect for each other as human beings.

Sanghamitra Karmakar
Creative Crew
Gnana Sekhara, Satya Prakash Rath
Namrata Rao
Boby John, Pritam Das
Chiradeep Dasgupta
Awards and Screenings:

Indian Jury Award, Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), 2008
Special Jury Award, IDPA, Kerala, 2007

Jeevika, Delhi, 2007
Vikalp, Mumbai 2007
Signs, Kerala, 2006
Kara Film Festival, Pakistan, 2006