I Do Form to be Deformed

Gothito Hoi Shunne Milai
Fauzia Khan
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English (subtitled), 50 min, 2007, Bangladesh

Since its establishment in 1973, Dhaka Theatre (Bangladeshi Theatre group) has been struggling to move out of the theatre style of the European proscenium and use a narrative, musical epic format from the tradition of Bangla theatre. Shimul Yousuf is an ideal progeny of this oriental school of acting. She is an artist, singer, music director, dancer performer, choreographer, costume designer and actress. She has applied the technique and philosophy of traditional Bangla acting and blended it with modern taste. She is the inspiration behind making the film 'I Do Form to be Deformed'.

Ray Vision
Creative Crew
Maksudul Bari, Mosaddek Millat, Tarun Karmaker
Fauzia Khan
Nazmus Shakib, S.M. Keramat Ali
Shimul Yousuf
Awards and Screenings:

The film was screened at various national and international film festivals.