Hope Dies Last In War

Supriyo Sen
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English (subtitled), 80 min, 2007, India

54 Indian soldiers taken as Prisoners of War during the Indo-Pak war of 1971 are yet to return home – yet both countries deny they have any prisoners of war. While waiting for them, some of their parents died, some of their wives remarried and some children lost hope and committed suicide. But the real ordeal has been for those who did not give up. For them life has become a tight rope walk between hope and despair. This film is a saga of these families' struggle, spanning three generations, to get their men back. It records a tragic political stalemate, sufferings of love and shining moments of humanity, courage and hope.

Creative Crew
Ranjan Palit
Saikat S. Ray
Ranjan Palit, S. Subramanian
Awards and Screenings:

'Swarna Kamal' (Golden Lotus) for Best Documentary, Indian National Award 2007
Best Editor Award (Saikat S. Ray) in the Short/Documentary section, Indian National Award 2007
Golden Award for the best documentary cinematography (Ranjan Palit and S. Chokalingam), IDPA, 2007

Pusan International Film Festival
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival
Film South Asia, Kathmandu
International Film Festival of India, Goa, 2007
Indian Panorama
SIGNS, Thiruvanantapuram
Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), Mumbai

Made with grants from:
Asian Network of Documentary Award (Dong Seo Asia Fund), Pusan International Film Festival
Sundance Documentary Fund