Holiday Camp

How is your liberation bound up with mine?
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English (subtitled), 48 min, 2002, Australia

In a bold and arresting visual style, 'Holiday Camp' connects the issues of indigenous dispossession, genocide and the incarceration of refugees. Exploring the implications of the mandatory detention system and the construction of national borders, 'Holiday Camp' challenges Australians to consider the dimensions of policy, humanity and freedom.

Tallstoreez Productionz
Creative Crew
Carl Kuddell, Jennifer Lyons-Reid, Thorsten
Carl Kuddell, Jennifer Lyons-Reid, Thorsten
Awards and Screenings:

Translated into 8 languages and screened at over 300 events across the world, some of which are:
Documentary Film Festival Cairns, Australia, 2005
SHURIFF (Seoul Human Rights Film Festival), South Korea, 2004
World Social Forum Film Festival, Mumbai, India, 2004
DOCOMANIA, New Plymouth, New Zealand, 2003
WildSpaces Film Festival, 30 cites around Australia, 2003
Sehsuechte03, International Students Film Festival, Berlin-Potsdam, 2003
Transmediale03, Berlin, Germany, 2003