Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go

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English (subtitled), 100 min, 2007, UK

Harrowing at one moment and heartwarming the next, 'Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go' is set at England's Mulberry Bush School, founded by Barbara Dockar-Drysdale who developed unique methods for working with children suffering through severe emotional trauma.
The filmmaker spends a year at the school following the progress of four charming but troubled boys. All have severe problems with anger and violence; they punch, kick, spit and curse at the remarkably patient teachers who are trained never to raise their voices and who encourage the students to express their emotions. The film compassionately captures the battle these children go through to give voice to the hurt they carry inside.
The film also explores the remarkable relationships which are formed between the staff and children.

Vixen Films
Creative Crew
Kim Longinotto
Ollie Huddleston
Mary Milton
Awards and Screenings:

Special Jury Prize, International Doc Film Festival Amersterdam
Best British Feature Documentary, Britdoc
Best Documentary, Britspotting, Berlin
Best Documentary, Birds Eye View

Also screened at
Hot Docs, Canadian International Film Festival
London Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival
Bermuda International Film Festival
Los Angeles Film Festival
Sheffield Film Festival
Atlantic Film Festival
True/ False Film Festival
Margaret Mead Film Festival
Frames of Mind Film Festival
Watch Docs Human Rights Film Festival