The History Book

Parts 1 to 6
English, 100 min, 1973, Denmark

'The History Book' is a series of six animated films on the history of Western Civilisation that offers a refreshing new approach to the subject, one that is as entertaining as it is educational. Beginning with the Middle Ages and continuing to our present day, these films survey the development of society throughout the ages from a grassroots perspective, showing history as it has been lived and experienced by the "common people".
'The History Book' outlines the main forces and processes of history, including feudalism, the development of trade routes, the Industrial Revolution and the rise of capitalism, the colonisation of America and Africa, the growth of slavery, the conflicts between major industrial countries leading to world wars, and the socialist revolutions and national liberation struggles of our own day.
1. A Flickering Light in the Darkness
2. At dawn overcoming all difficulties
3. A bright future... for some
4. Bloody schemes
5. Triumphant symphoni
6. Makeshift Solutions

Jannik Hastrup, Li Vilstrup
Creative Crew
Henrik Carlsen
Henrik Carlsen
Fuzzy, Peter Bastian, Yusef Lateef
Design: Per Tønnes Nielsen and Li Vilstrup, Animation: Jannik Hastrup