Harvesting Hunger

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English (subtitled), 53 min, 2000, India

There are over 300 million people in India who do not have enough food to meet their basic nutritional requirements. With further intrusion of the market economy and increasing corporatisation of Indian agriculture, it is suspected that millions more will go hungry in the first decades of the new millenium. 'Harvesting Hunger' is a journey into this impending world of hunger and famine, an exploration of the deepening crisis of food security in the country.

Earthcare Films
Creative Crew
Krishnendu Bose, Praveen Singh, Sudhir Aggarwal
Atul Gupta, M. K. Srinivas
Nikhil Dutt, Susmit Sen
Awards and Screenings:

Special Jury’s award at Ökomedia Environment Film Festival, Germany, 2000
Screened at:
EarthVision, Tokyo, 2001