Harvest of Grief

Anwar Jamal
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English (subtitled), 68 min, 2010, India

The film reveals the overwhelming forces behind the worsening agricultural scenario through the tragic stories of seven families of suicide victims. It also records the views of agricultural scientists, grass root activists, government officials etc.
Punjab has suffered as a result of the Green Revolution with its excessive requirements of chemicals, capital, water and energy which have destroyed the soil, water and bio-diversity. Globalization has in fact led to corporate control of agriculture.
Suicides are invariably due to indebtedness arising out of high costs of inputs and low economic returns. Farmer's widows without land titles or access to credit, suffer traumatic consequences, having to deal with money lenders, farms, families and finances.
The government and its policy makers continue to be in denial. Suicides continue! Punjab sits on a powder keg!

Anwar Jamal, Ekatra
Creative Crew
S. Chockalingam
Archit D. Rastogi
Gyandeep, Rekha Raj