To the Green Tree

Zum Grünen Baum
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English (subtitled), 43 min, 2005, Germany

The film is called 'Zum Greünen Baum', so that my grandmother will be pleased.
She was born in a village in Czechoslovakia. At that time it was called Langendorf. When she was 18, the Second World War was over, she had to leave Langendorf. The train in which she travelled to Germany stopped in the southern Hesse city of Heppenheim. It is there that she has been living now for almost 60 years. It is there that she has her friends and her association, the 'League of the Expelled'. It is there that she thinks of home.
In the summer, my grandma and I travelled to the Czech village where she had lived as a child. Today it is called Dlouhá Loucka. But we were only in Dlouhá Loucka for a short while, even though it is incredibly beautiful and the people are friendly. Nowadays my grandma does not want to live in Dlouh' Loucka anymore. It is there that something is missing.

Johannes Starke
Creative Crew
Johannes Starke
Johannes Starke
Johannes Starke
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"Best of Biography" – mediengang X, Bauhaus-University Weimar (2006)