Govandi Crime aur Camera

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Hindi, English (with English subtitles), 37 min, 2015, India

'Govandi Crime aur Camera' looks at a bunch of young men from Shivaji Nagar, Govandi, who produce local media content as a means to combat the rampant drug problem in the area.
Shivaji Nagar is an urban slum at the edge of Mumbai, located right next to India’s largest  garbage dumping ground. The SVJ Boyzz, as they call themselves, produce a crime show, 'Govandi C.I.D.', which they then upload on YouTube. Their show is modeled on popular mainstream serials such as C.I.D and Crime Patrol. They use jugaad to procure sets and props, equipment, etc., to make up for the lack of access to resources.
The film focuses on six characters, Afzal, Aslam, Ram, Ruman, Shafik and Tosif, who alongside their day jobs, are pursuing their passion for acting through 'Govandi C.I.D'. Through them and their stories, the film explores Govandi as a space, the struggle to go against the norm and produce media content, the role of the internet and their aspirations.

School of Media and Cultural Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai
Creative Crew
Deepti Murali, Prateek Shekhar
Shubhra Dixit, Smita Vanniyar, Vaibhav Sorte
Script: Shubhra Dixit, Smita Vanniyar, Vaibhav Sorte