The Good Wife of Tokyo

English (subtitled), 52 min, 1992, UK

Kazuko Hohki visits Tokyo with her band, the ‘Frank Chickens’, after living in England for 15 years. She is back home to celebrate her marriage with her English friend. Her mother, priestess at the religious ‘House of Development’, leads the ceremony. Kazuko attempts to find out what the current position of women is in Japan.
During meetings at the House of Development that mainly draw women, people talk unashamedly and humorously about the relationship with men and husbands. ‘Japanese men are like bonsai trees. They are kept down to fit into society.’

This wry and delightful film records her re-experiencing of Japan, examining traditional attitudes to women and those of Kazuko’s friends who are trying to live differently.

Vixen Films
Creative Crew
Kim Longinotto
John Mister
Claire Hunt