The Good Earth

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English (subtitled), 42 min, 1993, India

As a sequel to 'Revolution and After', this film prescribes the antidote for the technologies of the Green Revolution, to bolster agricultural production. The film explores sustainable agricultural practices and philosophy across the country.
It travels through Bharuch and Ahmedabad in Gujarat, through Bangalore and Umergaon on the Maharastra-Gujarat border through Bijnore, Uttar Pradesh, Nagaland and Pondicherry at the Gloria farms - the 100 acre organic farm. Through meetings with several farmers and sustainable agriculture philosophers the film weaves together a strong argument against chemicals and for natural and organic farming. The narrative is in the voice of the farmers and practitioners of this farming.

Earthcare Films
Creative Crew
Anurag Dhingra, Dhaveed, Madhusudan Shi, Nallamutthu, U. S. Srivastava
S. Subramanian
Julie Cariappa, Rajendra Bhai, Satellite Television
Awards and Screenings:

Screened at:
EarthVision Global Environment Film Festival, Tokyo, 1993