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English (subtitled), 43 min, 2007, India

Three ordinary women living extraordinary lives, surviving the darkest of times and going against society's norm to live and work according to the rules they have set for themselves.
Lakshmi, a professional 'Funeral Singer': She visits death houses with a troop of drummers for a measly pay. She wails and laments and shares the grief of the other mourners. The throb of the drums and her ankle bells resonate in the house long after she has left.
Krishnaveni, the 'grave-digger': The dead unknown earn her a daily meal. Veni accepts unclaimed bodies from the local Police and gives them a decent burial or cremation, digging and maintaining the grave herself.
Sethuraku, the 'fisherwoman': She confidently does what is normally considered taboo for women. She goes out to sea every morning with fellow fisherwomen to collect fish and prawns, singing to welcome the day.

C. Jerrold
Creative Crew
Sunny Joseph
P. Thangaraj
Santhana Nambi
Awards and Screenings:

Winner of the Golden Conch (up to 60 min category), MIFF 2008, Mumbai