Goddess of Food

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English (subtitled), 28 min, 1995, India

Set in the lanes and by lanes of central Bombay's mill area, the film is a portrait of a women's co-operative named Annapurna.
Started in 1975 by 14 khanawalis - women who prepared meals for migrant workers, thus earning the name food-lady - the organisation has today swelled to a membership of 150,000 and has it's own credit co-operative bank, short-stay home and catering centre.
The film observes the everyday life of these women and intertwines it with the story of how the organisation grew. An exploration of the politics and economics of women's work, the film is a tribute to the fearless women who started Annapurna, and the feisty women who carry it on.

Paromita Vohra, T. Jayashree
Creative Crew
Arun Verma, Manoj Nair
Pankaj Rishi Kumar
Mohan Das, Resul Pokutty
Awards and Screenings:

The film is part of an international series on women’s initiatives entitled Half the Sky: Women of the World, made for the Beijing conference, in 1995. It has been telecast in 11 countries.
Also screened at:
Film De Femmes, Creteil, 1996;
Mumbai International Film Festival, 1996: