Goa Under Siege

Gargi Sen
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English (subtitled), 31 min, 1999, India

Goa, a small state on the western coast of India, with an abundance of sun, sea and sand is a hot favorite of tourists from all over the world. While the tourism industry in Goa has flourished over the years, it has also eaten into the environment and culture of the state. Many Goans are not happy with this development, and are raising their voice against the promotion of tourism in Goa. This film investigates the impact of the development of large scale tourism on Goa's ecology, economy and culture as it travels through the different kinds of tourists who visit Goa, and the consequences of their visit.

Magic Lantern Foundation
Creative Crew
Ranjan De
Ranjan De
Gautam Ghosh
Awards and Screenings:

'Goa Under Siege' has participated in several festivals, national and international, including the Mumbai International Film Festival (India), Media Nord-Sud (Switzerland), Film South Asia (Nepal) and Ökomedia (Germany). The film is also used a lot in India and has received serious attention from all its viewers.