Gender Trouble

English, 25 min, 2002, UK

In this thought provoking and moving experimental documentary, four inter-sex women speak about hemaphrodism, surgery, gender and identity with eloquence and candour. This film questions how medicine and society have treated the inter-sexed, and breaks the codes of silence and secrecy that have surrounded their lives.

Wonderdog Productions
Creative Crew
Lynda Hall, Petra Graf
Chris Thorp
Karelle Barkshire
Max Richter
Visual Effects: Joe Pavlo, Sean Farrow
Awards and Screenings:

Screened at:
British Film Festival Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Sderot), 2003
Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, Greece, 2003
Films de Femmes, France, 2003
London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, UK, 2003
Pink Screens Film Festival, Belgium, 2003
Milan International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, Italy, 2003
Budapest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Hungary, 2003
Turku G & L Film Festival, Turkuu and Helsinki, Finland, 2003
Paris Lesbian Film Festival, France, 2003
Kasseler Documentary Film Festival, Germany, 2003
Toronto Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Canada, 2004
Adelaide Feast Festival, Australia, 2004
Question de Genre cultural festival, France, 2005
FilmBar, Hildesheim, Germany, 2005
The film has also been used in conferences and installations, and broadcast on Sundance Channel, USA, in 2003, 2004 and 2005