Fried Fish, Chicken Soup and a Premiere Show

English (subtitled), 90 min, 2012, India

The film is a journey with a Manipuri feature film unit through the landscape of picturesque hills and narrative traditions. As technology and army fatigues permeate the terrain the people continuously re-configure the narrative inheritance and the strategies to chronicle the contemporary. Traversing through various sites - the home based filmmaking convention, the courtyards as locations for public life, the community imposed censorship and finally the phenomenal love for cinema, the film bring forth the very specific story of Manipur and its public culture in the 21st century.

Creative Crew
Hodam Tommy Singh
Rikhav Desai
Boby John
Arjun Sen
Script: Mamta Murthy
Awards and Screenings:

International Jury Award (shared), MIFF 2012, India

Screened at:
CPH:Dox 2012, Denmark
South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF), 2012, USA
Persistence Resistance 2012, India