In the Forest Hangs a Bridge

Sanjay Kak
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English (subtitled), 40 min, 1999, India

Located deep in the forested hills of the Siang valley of Arunachal Pradesh, at the north-eastern extremity of India, Damro village gathers to build a 1000 foot long suspension bridge, the elegant structures of cane and bamboo, that are the distinctive mark of the Adi tribe. Their only tool is the dao, a blade length of tempered steel, the size of a machete.

Octave Communications
Creative Crew
Ranjan Palit
Reena Mohan
Suresh Rajamani
Susmit Sen
Awards and Screenings:

Swarn Kamal (Golden Lotus) for Best non-fiction film & Best Cinematography (Ranjan Palit), Best Editing (Reena Mohan), National Film Awards, 1999, India
Asian Gaze Award, Pusan Asian Short Film Festival, 2000