English (subtitled), 73 min, 2006, India

In an old slum Dharmananthapuram, in the heart of Turuchirappalli in Tamil Nadu, live the Catholic Arundhatiyars, a community that makes footwear, a traditionally Dalit occupation. But according to the Presidential Order 1950: Para 3, by the Union Government of India, "No person who professes a religion different from Hindu, shall be deemed to be a member of a Scheduled Caste." So even as Dalits who have converted to Islam or Christianity, they continue to live under the historical oppressions of caste - they are denied access to reservations in jobs, education and other mechanisms of affirmative action designated for Scheduled Castes as per the Indian Constitution. With growing mechanisation in footwear manufacturing in an era of globalisation, Arundhatiyars lead a life of growing difficulty and invisibility.

Creative Crew
Amudhan R. P.
Amudhan R. P.
Michael Richter, Mindloop, Sidharth Mishra
Awards and Screenings:

3rd Prize, Jeevika, South Asia Livelihood Documentary Competition, India, 2007

ViBGYOR 2007, India; World Social Forum, Nairobi, 2007
Muvattupuzha Film Festival  Kerala, 2007
8th Madurai Documentary Film Festival, 2006
1st Tirunelveli International Documentary Film Festival, India, 2007