In the Flesh

Three Lives in Prostitution
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English (subtitled), 53 min, 2002, India

'In The Flesh' provides an intimate insider's account of what it is really like to be in prostitution - by following the lives of three real life characters. Through its cinematic quest to represent the lived experiences of men and women in prostitution, 'In The Flesh' provides a more nuanced view of prostitution – one in which violence and victimhood sit side by side with a relentless drive to survive. The inclusion of a transgendered sex worker breaks prevalent stereotypes of prostitution as a women-only twilight zone, and builds a deeper understanding of the way in which gender and sexual identities play out in the daily lives of individuals.

Point of View
Creative Crew
Ranu Ghosh
Rajesh Parmar
Manoj Roy, Ranu Ghosh
Awards and Screenings:

Global Visions Film Festival, Canada, 2002
Second International Video Festival, Trivandrum, 2003
 University of California, Dept of South Asian Studies, Berkeley;
University of Pennsylvania, Dept of Public Health
 National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, 2002
Habitat Centre, India, 2002; UNDP, India, 2002
Devi Sri Devi Theatre, Chennai, India, 2002
Alliance Francaise, Bangalore, 2002
National Film Archive of India, Pune, 2002;

Screened at various colleges and universities all across India.