Every Time You Tell a Story

English (subtitled), 52 min, 2015, India

How do you tell a story whose words are a song, a stone, an image, a symbol? A story that is woven into a shawl, woven through time itself?
Tsungkotepsu is a shawl worn by men of the Ao–Naga tribe in Nagaland. Traditionally, it signified the achievements of warriors who had won enemy heads in war. Even though headhunting days are long gone, the shawl is still central to Ao–Naga imagination.
The film offers an interpretation of history, a way of understanding the shifts that this shawl–making tradition has experienced when confronted with the certitudes of history — colonialism, religion and assimilation within the Indian State. Through histories that have written themselves onto its fabric, how does its story continue to resonate today?

Ruchika Negi
Creative Crew
Amit Mahanti
Amit Mahanti
Location Sound: Ruchika Negi, M Jimmy Chishi / Sound Design & Mix: Julius L. Basaiawmoit / Research: Ruchika Negi, M Jimmy Chishi, Amit Mahanti / Narration: Aniruddha Shankar / Editing Consultant: Sameera Jain / Supported by India Foundation for the Arts
Awards and Screenings:

Selected Screenings:
Krishnakriti Festival of Art and Culture, Hyderabad, 2015
Competition – Long Documentary – International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala (IDSFFK), Trivandrum, 2015
Indian Panorama – International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa, 2015
Little Cinema International Festival for Experimental Films and Media Art, Kolkata, 2015
Official Selection – Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival (KIMFF), Kathmandu, Nepal, 2015
Travelling KIMFF festival @ Dialogue Derivatives, Goa, India, 2016
Official Selection – ViBGYOR International Short and Documentary Film Festival,  Thrissur, 2016