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English (subtitled), 9 min, 2009, India

A street child obsessed with a heroine on a film poster, grappling with his burgeoning sexuality as he stands on the precipice of impending manhood. While selling flowers on the streets of Mumbai he orchestrates encounters with a number of women in order to collect valuables that have a special significance and relationship to his paper goddess. A girl's perfume, a woman's ring, a look or a feel enable him to transform the paper heroine of his fantasies into sensations more tangible. His childlike innocence is slowly erased.

Neha Raheja Thakker
Creative Crew
Tapan Vyas
Neha Raheja Thakker, Saif Azmi
Francis Gigool
Sunil Thakkar
Ansar Mohammed Sheikh, Azhar Sheikh, Dimple, Hema Khan, Pranita Rajan, Sunny
Awards and Screenings:

Focus Dialogue Prize, 2009 - Sehsuchte, The 38th International Student & Amateur Film Festival, Germany
Special Jury Prize, 2006 - 24x7: Making Movies, India
Screened at:
Mahindra Indo-American Arts Council Festival, USA, 2009
Baltimore Women’s Films Festival, USA, 2009
Ahmedabad International Film Festival, India ,2009