Dream Girls

English (subtitled), 49 min, 1993, UK

This fascinating documentary opens a door into the spectacular world of the Takarazuka Revue, a highly successful musical theater company in Japan. Each year, thousands of girls apply to enter the male-run Takarazuka Music School. The few who are accepted endure years of a highly disciplined and reclusive existence before they can join the Revue, choosing male or female roles. 'Dream Girls' offers a compelling insight into gender and sexual identity and the contradictions experienced by Japanese women today.

Vixen Films
Creative Crew
Kim Longinotto
John Mister, Lizzie Lemon
Claire Hunt
Narration: Shuko Noguchi
Awards and Screenings:

Best Documentary, Films de Femmes, Creteil

Selected Screenings:
San Francisco Film Festival
Jerusalem Film Festival
New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London Lesbian and Gay Film Festivals
Women's Film Festival, Seoul