Dere Tun Dilli

From Dera to Delhi
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English (subtitled), 26 min, 2011, India

'Dere Tun Dilli' is a film about history. About history that resides in the everyday – in songs and memories of old storytellers. It is about storytellers who tell tales in a lost language. Tales of a country, of struggles across borders and of lost and found homes. It is about a journey made through time, through memory, through the past and present. And within all this ‘Dere tun Dilli’ is about a small place in Pakistan that also resides in Delhi through the process of remembering and forgetting.

School of Media and Cultural Studies, TISS
Creative Crew
Divya Cowasji, Shilpi Gulati
Divya Cowasji, Shilpi Gulati
Divya Cowasji, Shilpi Gulati
Divya Cowasji, Shilpi Gulati