Delhi - Work in Progress

English (subtitled), 38 min, 2008, India

Delhi, one of the greenest capitals in the world is changing. The city's 2500 year old history and greens are being transformed for a globalised look, in the run up to the Commonwealth Games, 2010. The Yamuna, the trees, and the city's poor ' all fall under this axis of change.
Shot over 2007-08, the film captures the key milestones of this transformation. The city's leading academics, urban planners, environmentalists and activists, debate the nature of this change.
What is the price of destroying the green lung of our city? What is the vision? Who is planning the change? Is this change inclusive?

Earthcare Films
Creative Crew
Dharma Singh, Krishnendu Bose, Nusrat Jafri
Shikha Sen, Vikas Jaiswal
Asheesh Pandya, Shivadas
Susmit Sen