Saba Dewan
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English (subtitled), 64 min, 2006, India

Riya dances in the beer bars of Mumbai to make a living. The documentary follows her from her home in Delhi to Mumbai where hundreds of working class girls come in search of work and a future. Riya's future is unpredictable and the present is marked with its own difficulties. The police harass her family in Delhi, there is constant pressure from her agent in Mumbai to attract more tips and the work itself is demanding. However, there are other girls to have fun with, there is money to dress well and then there are men' admirers promising the moon. The documentary is an intimate portrait of the everyday in the life of the girls, their agents and their neighbourhoods.

Rahul Roy
Creative Crew
Rahul Roy
Anupama Chandra
Asheesh Pandya, Gissy Michael, Sundar
Awards and Screenings:

Selected Screenings:
International Documentary Festival Amsterdam IDFA, 2006
Zagreb Documentary Film Festival, 2007
2007 NY Arab and South Asian Film Festival, USA
3 Screens Film Festival, India Social Forum, 2006
South Asian Human Rights Festival, New York, March 2006
'Reflections: Women Imaging Realities', IAWRT Festival, New Delhi, 2007
PSBT International Film Festival on Gender and Sexuality, India, 2007
One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Prague, 2008
Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival, 2008
'Indian Express: Voice from the Fringe' Film Festival,  Amsterdam, 2008
Delhi International Ethnographic Film Festival, 2008
13ª Mostra Internacional do Filme Etnográfico, Rio de Janeiro, 2008
Chennai Women’s film Festival, 2009
Persistence Resistance Film Festival, New Delhi, 2010
Engendered Film Festival, New York, 2010

Telecast on YLE Finnish television in 2007