Cowboys in India

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English (subtitled), 76 min, 2009, UK

In a remote and impoverished region of India, a London filmmaker is unaware of the trouble he will cause his two endearing, bumbling local guides as they investigate the Corporate Social Responsibility programme of a respected London based mining company.
The company plans to chop the top off a local tribe's sacred mountain, promising to bring all the benefits of modernity to the area. But many of the tribal people vow to fight with their bows and arrows against 'enforced development', preferring a simple life in nature. As conflicting allegations of illegality and intrigue accumulate, this odyssey into the hidden underbelly of the Indian economic boom, becomes even more surreal as the three main characters try to unearth the elusive truth, and the filmmaker's ethical stance towards his characters is put to the test as he tries to get his film 'in the can'.

Paul Taylor, Simon Chambers, Teddy Leifer
Creative Crew
Simon Chambers
Ollie Huddleston
Nick Wright
Evan Jolly
Awards and Screenings:

Honorable mention, 7th Planet Doc Review Film Festival, Warsaw, 2010