Colours of Nature

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English (subtitled), 24 min, 2003, India

The craft of natural dyeing in India is deeply rooted in tradition and relies on experience and intuition that has been handed down for generations. The sources of these colours are widely available in nature and give beautiful, eco-friendly, organic end products. However, natural dyeing is slow and highly labour intensive. So in times where speed, bulk production and low costs are a priority, natural dyes take a backseat. In spite of this, there are certain groups of people who still work with natural dyes and their livelihoods depend on it. Unraveled through the stories of various people across the country, the film aims to enlighten and fascinate the viewer with the 'magic' of natural colour!

Moving Images
Creative Crew
Ananya Roy, Sanjay Barnela
Madhyama Subramanian
Madhyama Subramanian