Colours of the Earth

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English (subtitled), 29 min, 2002, India

Kavitha is a 25 year old dalit woman who makes films. Her subjects, though, are the women of her society who have challenged the stronghold of caste and acute poverty to create a world of their own. They have cultivated 2500 acres of fallow land and created over 3 million extra meals for themselves.
The film travels to the villages of these women in district Medak, Andhra Pradesh in an effort to understand how the change happened. When the work began 18 years ago, the main aim for the women was to control their own lives. With the help of a local NGO called Deccan Development Society the women began to till the fallows in the area.
The older women had knowledge of the many varieties of seeds which would grow on these hard rocky lands, and together they worked the land and changed their lives.

Earthcare Films
Creative Crew
Krishnendu Bose
Nirmal Chander
Girja Shanker Vohra
Awards and Screenings:

Screened at:
WSSD, Johannesburg, 2002