City Swimmers

English (subtitled), 55 min, 2005, UK

In 2004, a proposal to stop swimming in the ponds of London's Hampstead Heath sparked an explosion of public anger. 'City Swimmers' is an insiders' view of the resulting campaign made by filmmakers who are also pond users. It expresses the delight these 'regulars' experience but also reflects on why so many other people seemed to care. Londoners perceived a threat to the future of their open spaces; wider national support was generated because the closure plan was seen as a particularly blatant instance of creeping commercialisation and the misuse of Health and Safety legislation - and a denial of people's rights to a public place they can call their own.

Margaret Dickinson
Creative Crew
Barbara Nichols, Clayton Hairs, Julian Cole, Peter Loizos, Stefanie von Bentzel
Lyn Champion
Peregrine Andrews
Seanine Joyce
Awards and Screenings:

Screened at numerous locations and events in London, and all over United Kingdom.