A Certain Liberation

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English (subtitled), 38 min, 2003, Bangladesh

Gurudasi Mondol gave herself up to madness in 1971, during the Liberation War of Bangladesh, as she watched her entire family being killed by the collaborators of the occupying forces.
Thirty years later, Gurudasi continues to roam the streets of Kopilmoni, a small-town in rural Bangladesh, in quest of all she has lost; snatching at will from strangers and breaking into spaces normally reserved for men. In her madness, she has found a strategy for survival.
In Kopilmoni, Gurudasi has attained near legendary status. Through her indomitable presence, she has kept alive the spirit of the Liberation War.

Yasmine Kabir
Creative Crew
Yasmine Kabir
Tarun Bhartiya
Yasmine Kabir
Awards and Screenings:

Golden Conch, International Competition, Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF), 2004
Special Mention of the Jury, Documenta Madrid, 2004
Special Mention, Documentary Films, 7th Zanzibar International Film Festival, 2004
Best Documentary on the Liberation War, 5th Bangladesh Film Festival, London, 2004
Special Mention of the Jury, 4th KaraFilm Festival, Karachi, 2004
International Documentary Film Festival, Amsterdam, 2003