The Call of the Bhagirathi

Bhagirathi ki Pukar
Anwar Jamal
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English (subtitled), 44 min, 1992, India

"Why, we ask, so much human pain and anguish, why the need to take such colossal risks? Is it the insatiable needs of the city for water and electric power which makes it insensitive to the fate of the people from where these things are got from? Can we really keep up this kind of development? Already we have lost so much of what is our real wealth, the soil and water..."
- Sunderlal Bahuguna Environmental Activist.
The film predicted the devastating earthquake of Uttarkashi. If the earthquake occurs now and the Dam breaks, Rishikesh will be 200 feet under water in 57 minutes or less; and Haridwar in 69 minutes...

Anwar Jamal
Creative Crew
Zoobi Amir
Pankaj Rakesh, Salim Sheikh & Jagdish
Awards and Screenings:

National Award for Best Investigative Film, 1992

Screened at numerous film festivals all over the world.