Calcutta Pride March 2004

Tejal Shah
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English (subtitled), 12 min, 2004, India

In June 1999 a small group of hijras, kothis and gay men walked down the streets of Calcutta calling it a ‘friendship walk’, a walk to assert the rights of sexuality and gender minorities - homosexuality remains criminalised in India under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code [IPC]. This was a landmark event in the history of the LGBT movement in India and grew into an annual event called ‘Walk On The Rainbow’, the first pride march ever to be held in India.

“Calcutta Pride March” documents the second Pride March held in Calcutta in 2007, which brought together participants from West Bengal, New Delhi, Sri Lanka, Thailand and many other places.

As the film interviews onlookers, participants, cops and plainclothes intelligence agents many things rise to the surface: media representations of the LGBT community, people’s curiosity and discomfort, issues of visibility and invisibility, ignorance and prejudice, choice and pride.

Jugnoo Productions
Creative Crew
Natasha, Tejal