Breathing Without Air

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No dialogue, 23 min, 2003, India

The Mundapotas, a nomadic group in South Orissa, survive by collecting honey, capturing animals like snakes, porcupines, comondor dragons and rats, which are a menace to the granaries. Another source of their livelihood is the rustic road show called Mundapota, which thrills and entertains the villagers. The most thrilling item of the performance is when a performer buries his head under the ground. 'Breathing Without Air' is the tale of a father-son duo of this community. The son buries his head while his father accompanies the show by beating the drum. What happens in the darkness that engulfs him in the pit? How does he survive the ordeal? Does he dream or fantasize? If so, what? As the film explores these questions, it becomes a metaphor for soul killing deprivation of working children in India.

Kapilas Bhuiyan
Creative Crew
Prasantanu Mohapatra
Ajaya Mishra, Ravi Patnaik
Aditya Mohapatra
Awards and Screenings:

Best Short Film at the Festival du Cinema de Paris, 2004
Jury’s Special Mention at the New York Short Film Festival, 2004

Commonwealth Film Festival, Manchester, 2004
Honolulu International Film Festival, 2004
Jeevika - National Livelihood Documentary Festival, New Delhi, 2004
MI.Doc Festival, Capbreton, France, 2005